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Exposure is right on the mark and colors are bright and faithful. The current model in the series is the Sony Alpha A Increased megapixel density comes at the expense of pitch, however. Pitch is the spatial distance between pixel sites and partially determines low-light and dynamic range performance on sensors of like size. Bargain Hunter Welcome to the first of what I hope will become a series of articles detailing legacy equipment that can be purchased at bargain prices.

Here is a list of a few online retailers who sell used photo products. I have purchased used merchandise from five of these dealers and have been very satisfied with every transaction. If you are seeking a particular piece of equipment I suggest you search all six of these for availability and price. Thank you. Search form Search.

Mirrorless Camera Reviews. With the right adapter, the Sony NEX 6 can be used with hundreds of legacy lenses from dozens of manufacturers. The limitations of web publishing prevent you from experiencing the full impact of this panorama shot captured on the New Jersey shore.

The original was 12, pixels wide; this version is pixels. NEX users have many other adapter choices, too. Model in Chinese costume photographed at Sony press event in February of Log in or register to post comments.

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Latest Trending Photos Videos. Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera Review. Are Your Prints Too Dark? How to Edit Autumn Nature Photographs in Secret Admirer.

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  • Evening View. While the Alpha NEX-6 is designed for slightly more advanced shooters, there are a great many features to assist shooters of all ability levels.

    Product Details

    Most of these are quite useful, aimed at beginners or those who just want some fun extras. Features like sweep panorama, intelligent auto plus, auto portrait framing, scene modes, and clear image zoom all add to the experience, though advanced shooters will likely ignore most of them entirely. However, the headline feature is no doubt the built-in WiFi connectivity, which has made its way into practically every camera for the past year.

    While the idea of having a camera that can easily interface with your computer, television, or smartphone is appealing, nobody has made the experience feel seemless.

    Sony NEX-6 + 16-50/3.5-5.6 OSS

    On the NEX-6 sharing any image is a convoluted process that involves too many steps and not enough intuition. Just sharing a single photo or video requires putting the camera into WiFi standby, loading the Sony PlayMemories app on your smartphone, telling it which device you're looking for, and then waiting for it to fetch the contents off your camera.

    Once all that is done you can check off any of your files, at which point you're prompted with two options: copy and upload. Copy will move the shot to your smartphone while upload will let you immediately push it to any number of apps already on your phone.

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    • This is great on paper, but disappointing in practice; as soon as you select which app you want to use Gmail, for example it kicks you out of PlayMemories and disconnects from the camera, forcing you start the whole process over with the next shot. Want to e-mail different pictures to different addresses? Hope you weren't doing anything important. The NEX-6 performed very well in our tests, with fast continuous shooting speed, competitive dynamic range, and the ability to handle low light shooting without much trouble.

      Sony Nex 6

      The noise reduction system for in-camera JPEGs is incredibly aggressive and can't be deactivated though this isn't an issue when shooting in RAW, which we highly recommend. While the NEX-7 camera had remarkable burst speed, the inability to consistently action was tiresome. The result is a camera that performs well in a wider variety of conditions, with fewer frustrations than its predecessor.

      For video shooters, the news is also quite grim.

      The NEX-6 provides manual control over exposure while shooting, but the lack of a 3. The sensor quality seems to have taken a minor step forward, but the biggest reason to go with the NEX-6 over its predecessor is simply value. Recommending Sony NEX cameras for the last couple of years has required one massive caveat: lens selection. While Sony has been perhaps the most aggressive company in promoting the use of lens adapters with its mirrorless cameras, the first-party lens options have been sorely lacking. Sony's mirrorless camera system is set to grow in both quantity and quality this year.

      That's essential, as the competition from Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic is formidable. One big exception we should reiterate is the mm powered zoom lens that Sony is kitting with the NEX While we found the lens to be of acceptable optical quality, its ergonomics are very frustrating. Powered zooms may be a familiar comfort for point-and-shoot users, but the better option is to get an NEX-6 body by itself and put the extra money towards better glass.

      Review: Sony NEX-6 Mirrorless Camera

      What started as two barely discernible options—the NEX-5 and NEX-3—has grown into a fine system with options for just about everyone. The hybrid autofocus is flat-out better, the more compact body is well-balanced, and the addition of a physical mode dial is a welcome change. We fully expect to see updates from both Fujifilm and Olympus this year, not to mention the promise of improved mirrorless cameras from both Nikon and Canon. In our labs we found the NEX-6 performed much like its predecessor, with excellent dynamic range, solid all-around performance, and a heaping amount of noise reduction.

      In addition, the NEX-6 uses a new hybrid autofocus system that better tracks moving subjects. Simply put, this is an NEX-7 in a smaller body at a much smaller price. Color accuracy has never been Sony's strong suit, as they tend to push colors more towards the vivid end of things.

      Sony NEX-6 Film Look Test

      In our test we often find that the NEX cameras begin with accurate colors, but then exacerbate color errors by pushing saturation more than most manufacturers. In the case of the NEX-6, we found the patten continued. The standard mode was, by far, the most accurate of the lot, largely due to the fact that every other mode boosts saturation even further. The NEX-6 uses a It's a similar platform to the NEX-7, and the performance is quite similar. In our testing we found a slight improvement of around a half stop at the base ISO, though that may be Sony merely fine-tuning the performance of an existing sensor.

      When shooting JPEG there's a heavy dose of noise reduction, though there's around You should be able to rescue some more detail from the shadows with JPEG images, though it's possible the noise reduction system will muddle fine detail too much to make that worthwhile at higher ISO speeds. As with many Sony cameras the noise reduction settings are great their job, but they can't be turned off and they make a mess of fine details and texture while suppressing grain at high ISO speeds. At the low NR setting we found that noise was kept to just 0. On most cameras this would qualify as the "high" or maximum amount of noise reduction.

      Those are great numbers, but they're bought with the loss of fine detail and muddled textures. It's not very noticeable at web resolution, but it's especially glaring if you want to print your image to a large size or bring up the levels. Beyond that the noise levels increase dramatically, hitting 2.